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About the band

Long before the concept of Guilty Pleasures existed, there was only pleasure. Jess Upton & The Guilty Pleasures want to take you to that place again. The band members first met when rowing along the disco floor, line astern, to the strains of 'Oops Upside Your Head' in 1979. Later that same evening, they found themselves dancing around the same handbag.
That handbag belonged to Jess Upton: and thusly was an unbreakable bond formed.Let's hear it for Jess 'Lipgloss' Upton, Steve 'Starsky' Wilson, Sam 'Multicoloured Swap Shop' Ryall, Chris 'It's Frothy, Man' Page and Marco 'Rear Of The Year' Rossi.

Your evening is in safe and guilt-free hands.

  Guilty Pleasures

Jess Upton – vocals

Jess is the South-West of England’s best-kept musical secret: but if the word-of-mouth buzz equated to cash monies, we’d be writing this from the southernmost wing of her gold palace. In fact, a footman would be writing this, using another footman’s back as a writing desk. And yet another footman’s hair as a quill.

Ever since the formation of the remarkable Jess Upton Soul Band – when Jess was a mere 17 years old – she has captivated audiences the length, breadth and depth of Britain, garlanded on each appearance with sincere and glowing plaudits. Her voice is as versatile as it is beautiful: Jess’s career to date has seen her work with big bands, an a capella trio and a Pink Floyd tribute band, the latter of which is graced with her transcendent performance of Great Gig In The Sky.

Jess Marco Steve Chris